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How to Cure Acne

How does Acne develop

The cause of acne is unknown. Acne is most common in teenagers but it can happen at any age. 3 out of 4 teenagers have hormonal changes that stimulate oil production. However, people in their 30s and 40s may also have acne

Acne is most likely cause by overactive glands. The excess oils allows the bacteria to become trapped inside the pores

Factors that contribute to the condition include heredity, oily skin and other factors such as allergies, diet, skin cleanliness, plenty of filtered water, adequate rest, exercise and fresh air may be of benefit in the treatment of acne

Nutrition that may help

Supplement : Protein


Benefits: Basic building block and necessary part of living cell in the body. Produce collagen and maintain development and smooth and softness

Suggested Dosage : 1 scoop. 2x per day


Supplement: Multi Carotene

Multi carotene

Benefits: Vitamin A strengthens the protective epithelial – skin. Antioxidant and precursor of Vitamin A

Suggested Dosage : 1 tablet, 2x per day



Supplement: B Complex

B complex

Benefits: Important for healthy skin tone. The anti-stress vitamin. Deficiencies of B6 have been associated with acne. B3 improves blood flow to the surface of the skin

Suggested Dosage: 2 tablets, 2x per day


Supplement: Vitamin C plus Bioflavonoids




Benefits: Promotes immune function and reduces inflammation. Needed for collagen repair of the skin

Suggested Dosage: 3 tablets, 3x per day (1,000 – 1,600mg)


Supplement: Vitamin E with Lecithin

Vitamin E

Benefits: An antioxidant that enhances healing and tissue repair

Suggested Dosage: 4 tablets, 2x per day (400IU)


Supplement: Garlic & Licorice

Garlic and Licorice

Benefits: Garlic is natures own antibiotic. Destroy bacteria and enhances immune function

Suggested Dosage: 2 tablets, 2x per day


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